The Azure Sea (EP)

by The Azure Sea

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This EP was planned out as a cohesive late 70’s post-punk sounding album, using vintage string synths and other instruments from back then (lots of bass vi). The idea was to intentionally to make it feel raw, stripped down and angular, like a debut album, even though it definitely is not the first album. The stuff coming before and after will probably be much different, so it was decided that it needed to be super short. The end of the album leads you out, like a palate cleanser, of a sort.


released November 10, 2019


all rights reserved



The Azure Sea Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Azure Sea is an alternative post punk rock band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: All Those Boys
And you create waves
Like you’re a brave.
And you create fissures
at every decision.
And you’re a punk
at every delusion.
And you were drunk
with every solution.
And you make love
with every new purpose.
And you’re a thug
without even the time to club.
And you won’t even be faithful
to your own lost self.
And I could be in the middle.
I could walk right through that gate.
I could sink in the puddle.
Slowly drift down that fine glass state.
Without even a warning.
Without even a choice.
I gift you all of my future,
Let loose all those boys.

I could be a new siren
Which would cut through the traffic
On the way to something so violent,
Something to bludgeon my past.
I could be a new power.
I could be a new force.
I could be a new love, for you.
I could be a new corpse.
Track Name: The Ghost and the Golden Head
"So far away”,
it’s exactly what you say
to adore.
Breathing in a jar.
The rail
splits the town in two.
There’s you
near the catacombs,
there’s millions to imbue
the land. A trusted root.
A sanguine hue.

It’s like you said
keep “faithful to the post”
in these glowing words, I think
I’m faithful to the ghost
and the golden head…

There’s six million voices
that cast a dull vibration.
You can hear them offer up to God (so sullenly)
You can hear their vows,
as cutting as the daybroken.
You can hear them with their loves.
You can hear them repeat the vows they keep (so solemnly)
and you can see them form their heart.

"So far away"
That’s exactly what you say
anymore, to adore. Breathing in a jar.
The railway
takes me away,
it takes me away
to the plane.
Track Name: Ovipositor
Won’t you parlor guitar
for a moment now?
Gone away,
and going out.
There’s a place I’ve seen,
You sitting, reading, in a dream.
I’ve seen you lift the cup,
as thin as eggs,
don’t let it drop.

Don’t want to be loved,
Don’t want to be alone.
You’re hiding a vibe.
You say, you’ll make the drive.
The sidewalk glows,
You stop to think,
What life to host
your tomorrows?
The soldiers burst
at seams with ghosts.
The loving grows.
The loving grows.
Track Name: Urgency
And you could sway
All the way
Back to place
In this hurricane.
The approaching tide.
The ones residing here,
They make it all too clear.
They make it floating, floating...

You’re always calm.
You "carry on” (without a sound).
You’ll be lucky if when you drown
They’ll see fingers some break the waves.
They’ll see fingers
Break the waves.
The urgency
Is at the beach,
But you keep floating, floating…
A washing machine.

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