The Cell

by The Azure Sea

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released January 1, 2014


all rights reserved



The Azure Sea Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Azure Sea is an alternative post punk rock band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: the god cell part 1
the opening of time
it begins with an eye
colored orange
and floating
the cell
makes organelles
awake, alert
to observe their host,
a pilot ghost.
The mind,
science borne,
and logic
It's everything you see
a microscope.

And people talk
of a unit cell of life
that begins with dust coalesced
and fusion to make ignite
it spins in discs, like rings,
it spins in discs like rings to find
we coalesce,
and somehow it sometimes rains,
protein shells,
electric storms,
keep it up,
keep it up.
Track Name: ghost informant
Somehow, you destroy
Evolution gets unraveled.
No one says it's linear
and No one knows the R-squared.
It could be a wrong turn.
A wrong turn.

You made it with the industry
and you made it with the iron
and you made it
out of information
and you're so tight
You've expired.
You've expired.

You might meet a ghost when you're on Earth.
And he might ask you to do all sorts of things.
He might make up suicide missions
to tiny little rocks of iron,
but you don't have to do what he says,
No you don't have to do just anything.
Track Name: the seeds of life and war
and I will always be here
waiting for you.
Hanging in the same sky,
replete of the same iron.
I will always be here
waiting for you,
tugging against hematite carvings
(candid thoughts shared from a farmer)
I will always be here waiting for you.

until it's all green,
you could make a new state,
make a new state
rise from the grave.
Be open to change,
they collect the waves.
Collect the waves...
and you are the first of your kind...

You are the first of your kind making thin lines in deserts so wide and there are millions on the dole, to be precise, they fit buildings into trucks, and there are millions of other people waiting for something...
Track Name: gravity well
Divided by

I know you're coming,
for me.
root 2 G m / r is nu sub e
You make a well defined trajectory.
You take me back when I can't
You take everything
for the Jovian.
Track Name: the lights
One of the hazards
of being exposed
is being a target.
of high energy.
It dances.
In your retina
flash the random lights.
When you close your eyes,
random nuclei.

Take a second.
Turn off the lights.
Close your eyelids
and watch
for specks
of green and violet.
Track Name: tiny sound
I am always calming down
like it's the last word
in the world.
I could breathe real slowly,
caught in all the worlds that wander.
In the past, collisions,
keeping all the surface
on its side
The way you rotate there,
the shadows long, the sun just makes its
arcs across the sky,
on one horizon, tied to the edge.
You'll always know where you are.
You'll always know where you are,
tiny sound.
Track Name: captured
and I can hear your evolving
it sounds like braces as the teeth strain
I can see it in the way you spin.

Is there more?
Track Name: the Kuiper belt
In the expanse
the hides behind your eyes
there are stones.
Your head's full of rocks, Baby.
And wherever you go
you carry them with you
the random debris
that you're too afraid
to throw.

There is a place
and there is a time
and it must leave the room
It doesn't make sense
so just send it out
along with the other
98 red balloons.

When I was young
there was a devil,
another lifestyle,
another lifecycle.
Awaken all your reason.
Awaken all the heat.
Baby, you look all right.
Baby, you sound fine.
You sound fine.

When you've lived your life in there
how can anything compare?
When you've spent your time in France
how can you bridge that great expanse?
When what you want is really just yourself
then why are you in the Kuiper belt?
When there's no matter,
only time,
to mark your post,
will you just float?

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