by The Azure Sea

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OPAQUEtransparentOPAQUE is about bats, bunnies, an aardvark, a party reptile and the elusive dino-sour. See the meanings of individual songs (and lyrics) by clicking on the individual song titles.


released October 9, 2016


all rights reserved



The Azure Sea Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Azure Sea is an alternative post punk rock band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Other Places
When I say slow,
You know,
you don't go home.
You don't go home.
You go
Wherever you're grown,
Wherever it glows.

When I say choke
you lie,
imbued, in full repose,
You don't go home.
You don't go home.

and I can feel it near again
I can fear it call again
I can hear it all again,
the blood that breaks my eardrums, calling.
I can peer inside of you,
I've seen it every time
and you've made a maze
behind you,
gardeners won't care to find you
Ridges of your brain that write,
the corners that we hide inside.
You rake the coals,
a thousand angry eyeballs hiding a million
well formed words.
You're never alone.
Track Name: Fluor
and it was cold
that's why you'd go
and hope to grow
in the planter's soil,
and I've known
you've been gone.
But keep it low.
Keep it low.

On the way
Keep it deep
In the waiting yard,
keep it a sleeping
and I know you've been good
carving keepsakes
in the wood
but you're no dino-sour
you're no planted
you're a dino-saur,
you should be on
the floor.

...so get down.
Track Name: Some Drawings
when you go out
and you come home,
but there's no one around,
are you taken?

when you're walking
but there's no sound
do you wander around in droves?

when you're followed
when you're drinking
organization of cells
gives you being.

when you're firing
when you feel good
when there's no one around
are you taken
with your calling
and your following
but there's no one around

sit up, get down

when you're firing
when you feel right
complications of mind
in the conscious

in the frontal lobe
making pictures
drawing random designs on a cave wall
of conversations, enervations, approbations, annihilations
accusations, adulations, annihilations
situations, speciations, annihilations
procreations, differentiations, annihilations
Track Name: Chiroptera
When you fly the distance,
laughing at the world,
you remember nothing
there's nothing to be heard.
When you're on the coast
rabid in the sunlight
on the grid, aloud
and laughing at the ground.
When you heard the dirt
is rife with chiroptera
there's no one on the world...

You're polarizing,
all the people think you're blinding,
blinding, now.

When you're in the distance,
the clicking in the ear,
to set reverberations,
to mechanize the fear.
Will I wind you up
and set you in the air?
And you just swim across the eddies,
to occupy with gears.

The way you slide across the floor,
your legs are folding chairs.
You're made of things that join.
Your broken footsteps to the wall.
You're bathed in clarity,
Forever. Everything.
Just waiting for the fall...
Track Name: Bunnies
& where were you when the sun fell?
did you almost think she'd tell?
So much blood,
so much blood,
so much blood
they surf
the flood.

all night,
reflect in
each open eye

of a thousand bunnies on the hillside.
A thousand bunnies on the hillside

& where were you when I got the whim
to kill
these diseased limbs?
I woke up in an empty room.

The birds are black
and they gather in the back.
They sit in the yard,
their voices so dry
they spark.

& overhead,
the planes,
they mark the sky,
making scribbles of white.
And the people stare with hollow eyes.

I swear,
if it's ever dawn again,
and the light goes on again,
the birds,
they will take flight
across the earth.
Track Name: Party Reptile
and I welcome in my doors
your appearance.
I can see it's veneer,
it's slippering.
And it could be so cold
it makes me want to move, move, move, move, remove, move, move...
the weight
of dripping palms,
they make me want to move...

and I welcome in my doors
your appearance,
Party Reptile.

You dance and dance and dance and dance and I won't come in.
Track Name: At My Window
And there is so much of the day left to go
(never speak of your loss).

They wait at the cave,
wait for you to peer out
They wait
wait for a word
to take apart,
(though they've never fixed anything).

They'll fix you with their stares.
It's how you should live:

Make it colder
You sit in the window,
You make it older.

I can't make it
walk away
walk away
with my words
and I can't scare it
I just want you inside or to scare you away,
but you stare at my every move.
Do you understand
what I'm saying
When I say
"This place is sealed against all air"
& not a single drop of sweat
can make me feel you.
But you're too kind
You make time.
Do you know how it goes
when your breath fogs the windows?
How do you expect me to learn your words?

How do you expect me to
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away,
walk away?
Track Name: Preserves
And I know you
by the way you move,
you keep it
in the groove.
You were an aardvark
and I was a dino-sour
and we're made of sticky tongues,
but you're not the one.

And I heard you
cracking your way through.
You were made of iron.
You rotate at me
and your endless gaze goes
on and on...

And I found you
sinking in the pool,
I built a love of water wings,
they'll find the tar
perfect to
like sealed off, jarred, desserts.

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